Corporate Research

Most large companies do not have someone in their office who knows where to download all the campaign contributions made by a competitor, or who can file a Freedom of Information request for all the times their rival has been cited by a government regulatory agency.

More than a third of Shield’s work is for corporate clients — in industries as diverse as gaming, alcohol distribution, sanitation, transportation, medicine and traffic systems.

We offer skills not found in the typical workplace — outside of a newsroom or a campaign war-room, anyway — to help companies that find themselves in a battle in the public arena and need to arm themselves with information.

Shield has worked with crisis communications professionals, government relations consultants and board room executives to obtain information that will act as a counter-punch to media scrutiny, assist in litigation, or help defeat legislation designed to harm their interests.

We have helped our clients unmask slick “astro-turf” campaigns — phony grassroots movements funded by competitors — and have combed through lobbying records to determine what rival firms may be seeking from lawmakers at City Hall, the Statehouse or the Capitol.

Shield works on a project-by-project basis, giving companies the benefit of being able to bring in a seasoned research professional, without the expense or commitment of having to staff an entire research department.