Some call it “self-research.” Others prefer “counter-oppo.”

Either way, commissioning research on your own candidate is a valuable investment for any campaign, particularly first-time candidates or “non-traditional” contenders who may come into politics from the world of sports or business, where their personal lives were not exposed to the same level of scrutiny.

Everyone wants to think their candidate is perfect, but, the truth is, while you’re digging into the opposition, they are digging into you.

Why not see what they will find first?

Shield puts to work the same techniques used in its opposition research to help candidates assess their own potential liabilities and areas in which they may be vulnerable to attack.

We have done self-research on candidates for Congress, mayor, local office and state legislature.

Our self-research reports anticipate what an opposing researcher may find someone like us, but on the other side and uses that to help the campaign prepare its election and message strategy.

We tell our self-research clients that, if Shield can’t it, no one will.

Shield has done self-research in local, state and federal contests across the U.S., helping candidates and their consultants assess what steps must be taken to ensure a successful campaign.

Self-research reports contain hyperlinks to all the primary documents used in the research, and are protected by a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee confidentiality.