Social Media Screening

“The cross hairs are no longer trained solely on the candidates themselves: Staffers are now also considered fair game for opposition research hits — and campaigns are struggling to react to a world in which the candidate isn’t always the focal point for attacks.”Politico, 3/19/15

“Politicians try to control every facet of their political profile … As they try to take advantage of the reach and immediacy of social media, they are hiring staff members who already have ‘personal brands’ of their own … and a sometimes provocative online voice that can cause the candidate problems.”Wall Street Journal, 3/20/15

Picture this: You have just hired a talented young staffer to lead your multi-million dollar campaign. They are tops in their field, a dynamo of messaging, organization and strategy.

But, um, what about that picture of them taking a keg stand on Facebook? (That, gulp, public picture.)

For better or worse, many of the men and women who will staff and lead campaigns this cycle are from a generation in which virtually their entire adult lives are reflected on social media.

Shield searches these social media accounts — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among other sites —for any potential sources of trouble, including questionable photos, comments, tweets, “likes” or followed feeds.

Our methods go beyond simple searching, using triangulation, archived pages and social-web analysis to guarantee we capture a full picture of the staffer’s social media footprint.

The service employs the same touchstones that mark Shield’s other research products: speed, accuracy and a price that makes it a shrewd investment for national and local campaigns alike.

Shield’s social media reports for staffers are completed in three days or less, allowing campaigns, and other organizations, to make quick hiring decisions. Like all our products, they are protected by a firm confidentiality clause.

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